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Make Sure Your Home Aligns With Required Codes

Code correction electrical services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Marietta, Virginia-Highland and Mableton

Do you know if your home is up-to code? Whether you own an older home or just moved into a brand-new one, you need to make sure your electrical system is up-to code. Keeping your home's electrical code up to par is essential to keeping your home as safe as possible. Midtown Electric completes electrical code corrections in Atlanta and the surrounding area Marietta and Mableton. We are familiar with all NEC code requirements. Our technicians are routinely trained to go above and beyond for our customers. Call Midtown Electric today to discuss your electrical code needs.

We'll fix what they couldn't get right

Unfortunately, some electricians will take shortcuts to meet deadlines. Midtown Electric will thoroughly inspect your property to determine if your home is up-to code. We'll provide you with a report and if updates are then needed, we can handle electrical repairs. Over the years, we've seen:

  • Over-loaded wiring and bad wiring methods
  • Dangerous wiring methods
  • Improper upgrades to old wiring
  • Improperly installed outlets end devices
  • Improper circuit design/ insufficient grounding

It's important to live in a home that is up-to electrical NEC (National Electrical Code) code. For prompt code correction services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Marietta, Buckhead, and Mableton, call Midtown Electric today!