Trust Midtown Electric to Power Your Property

Our electricians handle panel upgrades in the greater Atlanta metro area

Does the current electrical system in your metro Atlanta property support your devices? If not, call Midtown Electric in Mableton, GA to upgrade your panels. Our licensed and insured electricians can work in any residential, commercial or industrial property in Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Marietta, Buckhead and Mableton. We'll make sure your home or business can power all your devices efficiently. In addition to upgrading your panels, we can:
  • Repair them
  • Replace them
  • Install new ones

You can trust us to make sure your property has the right amount of power surging through it.

Call 404-713-7510 today to schedule your panel upgrade in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Who benefits most from a panel upgrade?

If you live or work in an old building, it may not possess the capacity to power all your devices. Midtown Electric can resolve the situation by upgrading your panels. Our expert electricians will outfit your property with the right size electrical system to support your devices. If your current panels are malfunctioning or overloading, this service will also solve that problem.

Contact us today for more information about panel upgrades in Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Midtown ATL, Marietta, and Mableton.